On Ritual

Rituals We Build

We build a ritual of evening tea, or easier, evening drink;
Rituals of candles, or worse, smoke.
Nightly rites of meditation, of running, or more accurately: of eating, of sitting.

Breaking a pattern of consumption for a practice of reflection, production.
Importantly: My Rituals are My Own.

Halting a custom of 9 to 5 misery and 5 till 9 dread
And building a new habit of morning gratitude and a nighttime celebration of joy.

Once I knew a ritual of music and laughter.
I will know that ritual again.

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Wishing you a bountiful Sunday

Today I am reflecting on how much good I have in my life. I am feeling exceedingly fortunate, and the word “bountiful” popped in my head while I made my lunch. Even after my bountiful board of crackers and cheese was depleted, the word has stuck with me. I especially appreciate the double definition- to be rich in something, or to be generous in your giving.


  1. large in quantity; abundant
    “She provided a bountiful supply of crackers and cheese for her guests.”
  2. giving generously
    “He was exceedingly bountiful to the one he loved.”

I feel that today I am seeking my good fortune, and sharing it, too. Here’s to a bountiful Sunday for you.

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