Be Still

Just a reminder* to breathe today. Take a moment. Call an old friend, or close family. Write a letter to someone or to yourself. Do something slow, like making tea or taking a walk. Cry if you feel like it. Or laugh if you feel like it. Appreciate the moments, the fleeting ones that you are worried you will forget, like that unexpected coffee with an unexpected friend. Just pause.

*Reminders for myself

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Reflections and Intentions

-Visited the Chicago Field Museum
-Enjoyed a whole week at our apartment FINALLY
-Ate kale every day
-Started a novel?!?!?!
-taught myself poker and rummy

-Continue our Professionals series
-Make a pinhole viewer and observe the eclipse
-Get ready to go back to work

-Run! Bike! Walk! Hike!
-Build new Rituals
-Clean my apartment/ my life

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Book Lists

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Monday Reflections and Intentions


-I went to an amazing secret concert… and got tickets for another one!

-We got a gig! I got paid to play jazz with my two best friends.

-We tried to go camping… ended up with a long road trip, a few mosquito bites, and a restful night in our own beds (the trail to our campsite was flooded!)


-have a blog post scheduled for every day of my vacation

-be packed for vacation by the end of today!

-don’t spent more than $100 during vacation


clean house

-update my Chicago licensing information

sort out my finances


Last week: Monday Reflections and Intentions


My health is my Monday Motivation!

1. I woke up at 5 a.m. and ran a mile!

2. I have said no to junk food and had wholesome meals like overnight oatmeal and whole-wheat spaghetti with a fresh salad.

3. I am going to take the financial plunge and try the “beginner to badass” program at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago! I am so excited! I have never done regular strength training, and this seems like a fun way to do it.

What is your Monday Motivaton?


What are your top goals for today, and how do you convince yourself to get them done?

My top two goals and motivations today:

1. Goal: Try driving for Lyft! I’m nervous, but it’s all set up, now I just have to turn on driver mode and go!
My motivation: I could have an extra $50 tonight!

Also, how great is the navigation app, Waze?!

2. Goal: Go for a run!
My Motivation: It is SO warm outside, I could probably wear shorts! What a great way to energize my evening.