Wonderful Ways to Eat Your Greens!

I am on the Kale in the smoothie train, and even though I can’t taste the greens I swear it is making me crave more… well, greens.

I can’t wait to make these Pan-Fried Butter Beans and Greens



And this Summer Salad is my faaaaaavorite. (Have you tried toasted Halloumi??)


I make this for every potluck and family party, and even salad-haters are converted by the end of the meal.


Formula for the Healthiest Start to Your Day

I recently posted about my indulgent overnight oats formula, but now that it is warm and now that I own a blender, I am moving on to smoothies. I have a weekday rule (Monday-Thursday, anyway) of no added sugar in the morning. That means I have been enjoying my oats without honey or brown sugar, and my smoothies are the same. Fruit is the only sweetener I am adding.

Flavorful fruits: I slice and freeze some fresh peaches, cherries, strawberries, oranges, bananas, kiwis, and raspberries on the weekend, and dump them in my smoothie the morning of. I may add a handful of fresh fruit, too, especially if I want to modify the flavor of my smoothie.

SUPER NUTRIENTS: I have been aware of the magic of kale for some time, but don’t love eating it. The smoothie is the best way to load up on that low-calorie high-content power produce, easily and tastily. Yes, it makes your smoothie green, an YES, it makes you feel fit and full.

Protein: Through in a spoonful of nut-butter or a handful of healthy nuts, like almonds, walnuts, or pistachios! Any variety of seeds and grains are also good, and a dollop of yogurt will add protein and good-gut bacteria!

Fat: Avocado and yogurt add important fats that your brain wants and needs, as does flax seed, chia seed, and coconut oil. Bonus: these things all greatly improve the texture of the smoothie. Avocado turns any pureed snack into a fluffy pudding-like dream!

Extra goodness: Add cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cacao or other spices with health properties. Many of these are inflammatory or promote healthy blood circulation and joint health.

This has been my favorite smoothie source for years, and has some great baseline recipes. Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes or morning routine habits that promote a good and healthy day?