Evening at the Market

I love southern Indiana in the summer. This love has developed as I return home each year to take part in the New Harmony Music Festival and I get to see the town I grew up in and around through the eyes of people from around the world. The lush greenery and tall corn fields are beloved by all. Political differences are gently set aside as urban dwellers and country folk bond over a general appreciation for roots music and good company.

The night I arrived, my sister insisted we go to a nearby farm stand and get kale. The stand is open as long as the sun is out, and payments are made according to the honor system. Prices hang over the vegetables, a scale and quart containers are laid out for honest measurements, and a locked wooden box sits out for cash payments for the produce. This was our first time getting kale from this farm stand… turns out, you pick it yourself, fresh from the field! We went out and picked kale, weighed it ($2 for a FULL grocery bag!) and then went to pick flowers. Anything that is not a sunflower is free! We left with a quart of blackberries, apples, the freshest kale, and free bouquets picked at sunset. It was a short and inexpensive trip, but our evening at the farm stand felt like a true homecoming.

All photos taken by my sister, Kendra.

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San Fran Plans

I am so excited to be flying out to San Francisco today! I have never been to California, and I have know idea what to really expect. I know it will be similar but different from my Northwest and Southwest encounters… more ocean, mostly. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to seeing!


-drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
-shop (browse, really) at the General Store
-eat seafood and avocado
-visit the Muir Woods!
-have a tasting at a California winery
-wander around. get lost.
-hear live music
-visit some of the sites, recording studios frequented by the likes of Janis Joplin
-see the “Full House” house
-swim in the Pacific Ocean! I’ve never even SEEN the Pacific Ocean!!!

Here’s to new adventures!

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Action for Climate Change is On YOU

I am not interested in debating the semantics and politics surrounding climate change, but I am interested in keeping our planet clean. If you have ever hiked at a major park or taken part in beachside clean-up, then you know that there is plastic in the ocean and plastic in the trees and plastic everywhere. It seems that as a nation we are not going to be taking immediate action towards addressing climate change anytime soon… what can we do, as individuals, to decrease our carbon footprint?

      1. BYOB- Bring your own bag. Chicago just rolled out a $.07 bag tax that has motivated many to start carrying their own. I LOVE these baggus. 41b8bKoSbsL._SL250_
      2. My sister took part in a beach clean-up along Lake Michigan last year, and since then I have not been allowed to use disposable straws. Do we event need straws? SOMETIMES a smoothie or iced coffee really is best sipped through a straw. Get a set of reusable straws and always keep one in your purse so you are ready at the coffee shop. Don’t let this happen.2015-06-06-07-16-40
      3. This shower timer has been a bit of a morning-routine/water bill game changer for me. It runs for 5 minutes before it needs to be flipped, which means if you want a 10 minute shower, you know to flip it once. Otherwise, that 5-10 minute shower easily turns into 15-30 minutes… and now you’re late for work, and you wasted 2 gallons of water for every minute spent in the shower. Two gallons of water is more than you are drinking in a day, and could save an entire family from dehydration. Time your showers!41GI1cbBLXL._SL250_