Weekend Update

I know, I know. “Weekend Update” is already taken. I’m using it (for now, at least) to introduce my new beginning-of-the-week posts. Moving from Reflections and Intentions to something that requires me to be more thoughtful and genuine with all of you. 

What I Did

I wore this alpine meadows outfit at a wedding. Apparently I became semi-famous as “the girl in the yellow shoes.”

Speaking of the wedding, we stayed in the most beautiful hotel that had a curved, purple velvet chair. I read this book front to end in that chair (and on the plane). Adding a curved, purple velvet chair to my dream apartment list.

I began the first of several administrative updates to my blog. I am hoping to expand in many ways, including affiliate links in my holiday posts, which will help me divert more time and attention to those details. I would also like to open up The Wonder Of to guest submissions. More news to come!

What I’m Going to Do

Go on a ghost tour of Chicago with some awesome friends! Even better, we are going on Friday the 13th! I am excited for this spooky evening.

Teach guitar to middle school kids??? Keep me in your thoughts.

Pay my debts and plan for the holidays. If I get those things cleared now, I should be stress-free by December. I think. I hope. Planning to give you a peek into my holiday travel arrangements, including details on multi-city flight bookings, and a top secret update about some of TSA’s newest changes.



Fall Outfits in Three Moods

Four Things

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Unexpected Party Playlist

My grandpa turned 80 this week! I have been assigned the rewarding task of assembling a party playlist with all of his favorite songs. For years, if Grandpa hears a song he likes, he writes the title down and I return with a cd of all the tunes. This is a random sampling of some of the songs he has requested over the years for his master playlist.

Sinister Minister by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
I was lucky to see this group perform in Brooklyn, last week! Somehow I didn’t know that Victor Wooten is the bass player?

Mama Told Me Not to Come by Three Dog Night
The cool thing about making these playlists for Grandpa is that I end up with new music in my arsenal. This song has been on my party playlist ever since! Also, I love this seventies getup! These guys are so fun to watch perform.

Lime in the Coconut by Harry Nilsson
He did all of the voices in this recording! You should definitely watch this absurdist Muppet’s version, while you’re at it.

Life’s Been Good by Eagles
This song has such a relaxed feeling and playful lyrics. It is a very casual conversation about the life of fame and riches.

Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
Another song to make you laugh. Van Halen uses a lot of enthusiasm and comedic timing to pull this silly song off.


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Three Things that are Highly Relevant this Summer



Man Repeller posted this review of hangover cures on the day that I needed a hangover cure. Before I read this review, my best friend (also suffering) showed up with two cartons of coconut water. Brilliant.


Similarly, I was already recovering from no sleep when I started to read this article on how to recover from bad sleep. Take-away: load up on good stuff so you don’t have bad stuff. Coffee=great.


If you are doing summer right, it feels like 3 months of “Dirty Dancing.” Or at least a week excitement and scandal. At the very least, rewatch the thing! If you are trying to channel your inner Baby, follow these rules.

Pride Prep

I know that half of us just celebrated Pride, but for some of us we have another week or two! I will be attending the Pride Parade in San Francisco, and I am invigorated by the bright rainbows popping up around me.


Rainbow twins made me chuckle. An inflammatory rainbow tee is always a good choice for parades, parties, or rallies.


A friend who isn’t attending SF Pride was very sweet and made all of us pride friendship bracelets! If you don’t have a friend who can magic up knotted jewelry in ten minutes, then you should definitely check out Tattly’s arm bands!


One member of our group will be rocking these Chucks with a secret kick.

Taylor Bennett, a Chicago local, partnered with Urban Outfitters for a old school meets millennial pride collection. Oh yeah, Taylor’s brother? Chance the Rapper.


Are you hosting a party after, or BYO to the festivities? Use these glam rainbow cups! Add some Crazy Straws, because you can.

Tripstagram: Danish Summer Birthday Celebration

I have written before about my experiences in Denmark, and thanks to Facebook memories I have a few more photos and experiences to share. While I was there, I had a birthday where I got a sampling of Danish birthday traditions, and then I was “the help” (I was working as an au pair) setting up a birthday party for the youngest daughter of the family.

One cool thing about Danish birthday celebrations is that they start first things in the morning. The family comes to wake you singing the birthday song and waving Danish flags, which double as a birthday celebrations.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The flag is flown outside when there is a birthday in the house. The red and white colors of the flag can be seen in the gorgeous table setting for the birthday morning.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One special, traditional dish that was prepared for the party was this meaty roll, which had some sort of cut of meat inside, which was then wrapped in essentially meatloaf, and them wrapped in bread! The mother of the family made two of these, and it was a bit labor intensive to assemble them and roll them up tightly.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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The party took place in the sunny garden with all sorts of family and friends. It was a fun cultural experience to talk with the locals about life in America and life in Denmark.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

This is the special Danish layer cake decorated for the birthday! Filled with pancake-like layers separated only by a creamy frosting, and decorated in the traditional pink color, topped with little Danish flags! This treat is all sugar 🙂