Star Trek Today: Personal Access Display Device

I was watching Star Trek Voyager (on Netflix!) and was watching Janeway compose and read letters on her Personal Access Display Device- the PADD– and wishing that I had one of my own. And then I remembered that… I do!!! I have a kindle!

PADD                      kindle_b00oqvzdjm_6_hi_res_300dpi_e_reader_1163040.jpg

I have been re-inspired to take best advantage of my kindle. I am sending some pdf articles to my device for easy reading. I often put off reading some articles because I hate staring at the bright computer screen long enough to read. I find it difficult to focus on whatever I am reading at the time, and thinking about all of the other things I might be doing on the computer (checking Facebook, analyzing my monthly spending, emailing an arts partner… etc.).


Image via The Trek BBS

I learned that there is an underground discussion about Star Trek predicting the modern tablet, and found photos comparing the iPad and the PADD. Was Apple inspired by Star Trek? I mean, PADD and iPad are awfully similar…