Monday Reflections and Intentions

What a wild summer. As soon as we got back from Canada, we washed a load of laundry, went for a great bike ride in Chicago, and turned right around and drove to New York City. I’m having a blast, but am ready to slow down. This week we are headed to southern Indiana to visit my family, and I am hoping to share some local favorites with my boyfriend while we’re there. Here are my reflections and intentions for the week. I hope your summer is action packed and sunny!

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-Went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens (as pictured above)
-Saw Béla Fleck and the Flecktones!
-Ate lots of NYC bagels
-Biked in Central Park
-Saw the Statue of Liberty from afar

-Make a playlist for my grandpa’s birthday party
-Spend quality time with my family
-Write three new music-centric blog posts
-Run! Bike! Walk! Hike!
-Visit this theme park or the Exotic Feline Rescue Center while in southern Indiana

-Rent a bike in NYC
-Learn this song
-Pay all of my bills !!!
-Share photos of my trip to Canada

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Evening at the Market

I love southern Indiana in the summer. This love has developed as I return home each year to take part in the New Harmony Music Festival and I get to see the town I grew up in and around through the eyes of people from around the world. The lush greenery and tall corn fields are beloved by all. Political differences are gently set aside as urban dwellers and country folk bond over a general appreciation for roots music and good company.

The night I arrived, my sister insisted we go to a nearby farm stand and get kale. The stand is open as long as the sun is out, and payments are made according to the honor system. Prices hang over the vegetables, a scale and quart containers are laid out for honest measurements, and a locked wooden box sits out for cash payments for the produce. This was our first time getting kale from this farm stand… turns out, you pick it yourself, fresh from the field! We went out and picked kale, weighed it ($2 for a FULL grocery bag!) and then went to pick flowers. Anything that is not a sunflower is free! We left with a quart of blackberries, apples, the freshest kale, and free bouquets picked at sunset. It was a short and inexpensive trip, but our evening at the farm stand felt like a true homecoming.

All photos taken by my sister, Kendra.

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Sunday Check-In

Today is transitional!

I just got back from San Francisco. The time change is only two hours, but the lifestyle change is drastic. As I am settling back in to healthful habits and waking up after 4 hours of sleep, I am also re-packing for a rapid turn around. With less than a full night’s sleep at my apartment, I am heading out for the New Harmony Music Festival, where I will spend time with my family and deliriously blissful time with friends that are basically family. I am looking forward to this next trip, but I really have been going at full force. Going on vacation and to a festival and to visit family… but still, going! It may be late August before I’ve spent a full week at my apartment. Today is about getting myself in order and resetting to the pace of the rural midwest.

I am looking forward to a long drive with music, my thoughts, and my cat…actually, not especially psyched about driving alone with the cat, really, but I suppose it will be nice to catch up with him after the long trip away!

Hoping your summer weekends are lazy and restorative.


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Gado-Gado Peanut Butter Stir Fry!

Gado-Gado is an Indonesian salad with a peanut sauce. This recipe is my sister’s crazy good stir-fry interpretation.

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Gado-Gado Stir Fry

Stir-Fry Veggies
Bell Peppers
Snap Peas

Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil in the pan and sauté the vegetables until cooked to your satisfaction.

RiceMake rice according to the directions on the package!

Peanut Sauce
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Brown Sugar
Soy Sauce
Peanut Butter

Saute garlic in the olive oil. Stir in 1-2 tblsp brown sugar and soy sauce. At 2 tblsp peanut butter.

To plate, start with a layer of rice, add vegetables, and smother in peanut sauce. Top with chopped peanuts!