San Fran Plans

I am so excited to be flying out to San Francisco today! I have never been to California, and I have know idea what to really expect. I know it will be similar but different from my Northwest and Southwest encounters… more ocean, mostly. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to seeing!


-drive across the Golden Gate Bridge
-shop (browse, really) at the General Store
-eat seafood and avocado
-visit the Muir Woods!
-have a tasting at a California winery
-wander around. get lost.
-hear live music
-visit some of the sites, recording studios frequented by the likes of Janis Joplin
-see the “Full House” house
-swim in the Pacific Ocean! I’ve never even SEEN the Pacific Ocean!!!

Here’s to new adventures!

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Four Things

No one is talking about it because everyone is watching it: Orange is the New Black. Has it really been 5 years, already??? The last season made me cry, almost every episode! The emotional reactions from this show are intense, it is fun and it is funny, it is sad and it is infuriating. I have only watched the first episode so far (NO SPOILERS!) and I really appreciate that Sophia shows her previously unrecognized medical expertise. It reminds us that these women were all members of society, many carrying jobs or going to school, making change in the world. Some of them, however, are more influential in prison than they were on the other side (Piper).


When it is hot outside, the single most refreshing thing for me (more than lemonade!) is a chocolate-covered frozen banana. They are usually more chocolatey and fresh if I dip them myself, and the crunchy toppings are a nice touch.



I enjoyed this slideshow of camp style. I often find myself in the true-American denim suit (left) but I identify with the Ranger Dad clothes on a spiritual level.



This weekend I tried cucumber dill hummus and my mind was blown. It was so cool and refreshing, and made the best beachside picnic snack! My sister had bought it at the local farmer’s market, but I am thinking of making this recipe for myself.

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What’s your #MondayMotivation?

Last week, I had Monday goals. This week, I am just looking for a little motivation to help me through a cold and snowy week!

I ordered this hat for my trip, and it help to keep my eyes on the prize. Good vibes every day! Scrolling through photos of the destination of my upcoming trip leaves me with warm and sunny feels!

What is your #MondayMotivation?