Three Gifts for Passionate Recyclers

For all of the eco-friendly, plant based, earth loving folk in your life. Most people in my life fit this category, so I find this is an easy way to fill out gifts. And everybody in a city with a bag tax will appreciate a high quality grocery bag.


These small baggus fold up up to fit in your pocket and are machine washable. Bonus points for the botanical print! I ordered a set of these in January and have used less than 10 plastic bags in the entire year because these are so easy to store and carry.


Complete the set of grocery-ready shopping bags with these reusable produce bags. It’s just one more way to minimize plastic use.


Similarly, I’ve nearly cut plastic wrap out of my life with this bees wrap. This set of soft beeswax wrapping comes in sizes large enough for you biggest mixing bowl and small enough for a hunk of cheese. Using the heat from your hands, the wrap seals against the container as a plastic cling wrap would, but this is easily rewashed and reused. Best of all, if you do have to through it out? It’s biodegradable.


Gift Guide for Wisened Storytellers and Givers of Great Advice

All of my friends call their mom. ALL the time. I call my mom all the time. My dad and I exchange cat photos with simple captions: “cat in box,” “uh-oh,” etc. My parents are also at an age where comfort and function reign supreme. When choosing gifts for them, I look for things they can use, and things they will use.

MC-B-LG-GG-2They deserve the niceties. Splurge for a pair of luxury slippers with detachable soles so they can get the mail while keeping their feet warm in soft lambswool. Bonus: the soles come in your choice of 8 colors.

The inconveniences of aging (going to the doctor more, keeping track of new medicine) don’t have to be ugly or messy. This elegant pill box is especially good for anyone on the go, and the company Port and Polish only makes pill boxes. With one product to focus on, it must be good! Buying one for everyone? Choose three for $45 (now $40). 


The Saj ball foot roller is like a tiny spiky foam roller for your feet. Drop one on the floor, and roll it against the bottom of your foot for an easy massage. Sure, you can buy them a pedicure, but that lasts for one day. The foot roller lasts a life time!


More on the topic of slippers you can wear anywhere: sleeping bag slippers. That’s not their real name, but these look like all day sleeping bags you can wear on your feet, and are the ultimate camp/lounge shoe.


The squatty potty, but only for close family. And maybe not the gift you give at the huge holiday party. 😉


Smartwool socks, because you know they want some and you also know they would never pay for them!


A biography of Alexander Hamilton. Here me out: 5 years ago, your dad is the only person you could ever imagine reading a newly released biography of Alexander Hamilton. The magic of the musical Hamilton is that it merges history, a topic well understood by older generations, with pop culture that younger generations are entrenched in. Buy yourself a copy (or watch the Drunk History episode with Lin Manuel Miranda for the condensed version) and discuss the heated relationship of Hamilton and Burr next time you visit.


Does your dad make his vacation photos the screen saver on the computer? Mine does. Take his photo-bragging game to the next level with a large digital picture frame. This device accepts photos from the user friendly USB plug-in.