Three Things that are Highly Relevant this Summer



Man Repeller posted this review of hangover cures on the day that I needed a hangover cure. Before I read this review, my best friend (also suffering) showed up with two cartons of coconut water. Brilliant.


Similarly, I was already recovering from no sleep when I started to read this article on how to recover from bad sleep. Take-away: load up on good stuff so you don’t have bad stuff. Coffee=great.


If you are doing summer right, it feels like 3 months of “Dirty Dancing.” Or at least a week excitement and scandal. At the very least, rewatch the thing! If you are trying to channel your inner Baby, follow these rules.


Ideas for Staying Energized in the Grueling Heat

-drink a lot of water. drink when you’re not thirsty

-drink lemonade

– ~don’t~ drink alcohol

-lay down. take a nap. take a coffee nap.

-stand up. exercise!

-try and exercise early in the morning or later in the evening

-seek shade

-play board games. go rock climbing. complete other social indoor activities.

-swim and hike, and other things you likely don’t do if it is chilly outside

-break all of these rules at a music festival and enjoy yourself


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Summer Getaway Goals

Have you ever heard of this National Park- Isle Royale? I was looking for some backpacking in the Midwest, and I found this gem! A 42 mile one way trip, on a wild island in Lake Superior, with otters and foxes and wolves around! It takes about 4-6 days to cross the island, going one way. This is definitely on my summer bucket list!



Birthday Brunch

Yesterday I went out to brunch as an early birthday celebration. Here is where we went and what we ate!

2017-05-22 02.23.50 1.jpg

We had THE BIGGEST BRUNCH at The Hash House. It was warm enough to sit on the patio and sip iced coffee!

2017-05-22 02.23.47 1.jpg

Then we went to the 3 Arts Gallery, which is a Restoration Hardware in a unique architectural space. We put our name in for the 2 hour wait for a table under the sparkly chandelier, and browsed the store (testing all the leather couches) until a seat opened up! Check out that chandelier behind the espresso and salted caramel ice cream!

2017-05-22 02.23.45 1.jpg

A special bonus: we went shopping and browsing afterwards, and Madewell gave me a $25 gift card! Sign up with them as a Madewell insider to get a special birthday present!

3 Things

  1. My birthday is on Monday and I think I am going to make myself frozen peaches and cream cake, and maybe also this lemon tart. (Related: berry tart)


2. Have you seen this time lapse video of a cloud inversion inside the Grand Canyon? This is pretty cool to see, especially since I was recently there!

SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM: KAIBAB ELEGY from Harun Mehmedinovic on Vimeo.

3. We have guests coming next week and are excited to share Chicago with them. Last week, I discovered Green Street Smoked Meats with my new climbing friends and it is the best place for omnivores to enjoy barbecue and beer! When I was ordering a delicious pulled pork, I overheard a cook explaining that the brisket smokes for 16 hours every day! There is a great outdoor space, and the entire inside is warmly lit and smells of hickory and cedar smoke! There is also a coffee shop adjacent/inside the bar and a top secret ramen bar in the basement… it has a 3 hour wait because it only seats about 15 people!

2017-05-19 07.08.39 1.jpg

Beginner to Badass

As I shared before, I am partaking in the “Beginner to Badass” program at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. I am a novice climber, falling off the easiest routes and burning my muscles out after 15 minutes. However clumsy my movements may be, I am gaining strength and technical skill. This week I “leveled up” a couple of times (I know, this isn’t how a real climber would describe it!) and I will soon be belay certified at the wall, meaning I will be engaging with other climbers, and won’t be limited to using the auto-belays alone.

If beginner to badass (in anything) is a sort of sliding scale, right now I am marginally closer to badass than I was a week ago.

This week, I am stronger.
This week, I am present.
This week, I am confident.

But I’m still a beginner!

I am still afraid (of falling, my arms getting out, injuring myself.)
I am still unsure.
I am still nervous (but nervous with some confidence)!

I have been running for years, but when I go through these qualifiers, I realize that I feel like I am still on the beginner side. Oh well! These are hobbies that I enjoy and bring positive value to my life, they are not skills that necessitate mastery.

How are you more of a badass today than you were a week (or month or decade) ago?

What are you going to do today?

I am going to make $50 driving for Lyft after school.

I will also cook breakfast burritos for dinner and freeze some for a happy Friday morning!

I will unwittingly make that $415 purchase in my REI cart for my upcoming trip.


AND I will catch up on tasks at school. Finish lesson plans, collect permission slips for our weekend field trip, and print photos of female musicians from Chicago.

What are you going to do today?