Climb On

Today I hid a Resee’s in the teacher’s lounge freezer, so I would have a little pick-me-up later in the day. After an especially rough afternoon class, I went over to retrieve my treat and… it was gone! Someone had snatched my snack!

So it’s been one of those days.

I find climbing, my newest interest, so restorative. This hammock floating where most people can’t bother you is symbolic of the catharsis that comes from climbing.

hammock wall

I am getting really burnt out at work, and feel underutilized, and really just need some solid chill-time. The kind of evening where the hours fade away and you feel relaxed and content, surrounded by friends. I chose these images from the Earth Day campout at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago to represent that fun-chill vibe I’m longing for. Whether it is climbing and camping or breaking bread (or chips and salsa) with pals while playing a good record, I’m after the low-key relaxation that only good friends and good vibes can bring.