Link Pack: Bread, Books, and Badass Bitches


Have you every made Friendship Bread? In line with my goal to spend less and make more, I would like to try and spread the love with fresh baked bread.



The #MeToo movement has changed the conversation about women in the workplace. A word from the creator of the hashtag movement here, how to speak up at work here, and honestly, do you have a Fuck off Fund? Because you should.



I look forward to NPR’s book list every year! Here is the best of 2017, and here is a sneak peak of the great books to come in 2018.


Solo Friday in Chicago

Image: Chicago Field Museum

Thinking ahead to the weekend, and I am psyched to have a couple of days to kick my feet up and relax. I have been dreaming of using skyscanner’s everywhere feature to just get away, but recent vet bills and concerns for our kitten’s health are keeping me local.

I am seriously tempted to stay in and exist solely on popcorn… but I do live in one of the greatest cities in the world! So, here is my exploration plan.

How cool is the Field Museum’s tattoo exhibit? Running through April 30th, the exhibit shares cultural histories of tattoos from many times and places, and even has live demonstrations of tattoo artists at work!

There is also this orchid show at the Chicago Botanical Garden. I haven’t been to the Botanical Garden yet, but a greenhouse is a great place to be on a cold day!

Of course, it might not be cold in which case I will default to laying on the lawn at one of the many great parks and reading!

How do you spend your weekends when your friends are out of town?