Tripstagram: Glacier National Park

My family has developed a great love for Glacier National Park. This year, we ventured further north, but I thought I would share some favorite photos from the years past. The colors are so bright and vivid, it is hard to believe that is what these mountains and valleys looked like in real life!










Evening at the Market

I love southern Indiana in the summer. This love has developed as I return home each year to take part in the New Harmony Music Festival and I get to see the town I grew up in and around through the eyes of people from around the world. The lush greenery and tall corn fields are beloved by all. Political differences are gently set aside as urban dwellers and country folk bond over a general appreciation for roots music and good company.

The night I arrived, my sister insisted we go to a nearby farm stand and get kale. The stand is open as long as the sun is out, and payments are made according to the honor system. Prices hang over the vegetables, a scale and quart containers are laid out for honest measurements, and a locked wooden box sits out for cash payments for the produce. This was our first time getting kale from this farm stand… turns out, you pick it yourself, fresh from the field! We went out and picked kale, weighed it ($2 for a FULL grocery bag!) and then went to pick flowers. Anything that is not a sunflower is free! We left with a quart of blackberries, apples, the freshest kale, and free bouquets picked at sunset. It was a short and inexpensive trip, but our evening at the farm stand felt like a true homecoming.

All photos taken by my sister, Kendra.

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Sweet Spring

Do you participate in community supported agriculture? I’d like to try it out, but I am worried we will be swimming in kale. I would love fresh tomatoes and rhubarb though… oh, sorry, my Midwestern-ness is showing!


Photo from Wobbly Cart Farm


Eyeing this tulip festival in Holland, MI for next weekend!


Mascarpone is a new delight in my life. I am dreaming of this tart. How AMAZING would this be with peaches or rhubarb?


Photo from Food52