What Purchase Will Help You Achieve Your Resolution?

Last year I had a tiny resolution of cutting back plastic waste- specifically, get really good at not using plastic bags. Conveniently, Chicago implemented a 7 cent bag tax as soon as a chose this resolution, so I could really justify my investment in Baggus. I bought 3 small bags, gifted one, and bought a large bag. If I forgot my bag, I bought a new one and planted it in my car or by the door. And we probably used plastic bags a hundred times less than we did in 2016.

I have been taking group physical training lately, and feeling stronger with every week. I was having trouble holding my feet still while holding planks, and I was finally sick of slipping and struggling. If my feet slip every 10 seconds, how can I hold a two minute plank? Enter: Adidas Crazy Trainers. I am so stable and can feel my strength. I was worried that once my excuse of slippery feet went away, I would discover that I couldn’t hold these poses, but was surprised to discover that I feel stronger and feel like I could hold these moves all day.

What purchases help you accomplish your goals? Is it a new cookbook? Leggings that don’t pull or tear during your workout? A nice laptop case or new backpack to make it easier to get to the coffee shop and work?


Three Gifts for Passionate Recyclers

For all of the eco-friendly, plant based, earth loving folk in your life. Most people in my life fit this category, so I find this is an easy way to fill out gifts. And everybody in a city with a bag tax will appreciate a high quality grocery bag.


These small baggus fold up up to fit in your pocket and are machine washable. Bonus points for the botanical print! I ordered a set of these in January and have used less than 10 plastic bags in the entire year because these are so easy to store and carry.


Complete the set of grocery-ready shopping bags with these reusable produce bags. It’s just one more way to minimize plastic use.


Similarly, I’ve nearly cut plastic wrap out of my life with this bees wrap. This set of soft beeswax wrapping comes in sizes large enough for you biggest mixing bowl and small enough for a hunk of cheese. Using the heat from your hands, the wrap seals against the container as a plastic cling wrap would, but this is easily rewashed and reused. Best of all, if you do have to through it out? It’s biodegradable.


Spring Upgrades and Earth Day!

I am quickly settling into a carefree springtime attitude, and am making lifestyle adjustments to match my demeanor.

  1. Health

    When we “sumitted” the Grand Canyon, I was full of a sense of accomplishment, but also filled with a new determination. Now I had confirmation that I am strong, I wanted to maintain that powerful feeling… so I took the plunge and committed to a month of Brookly Boulder’s (Chicago location) “Beginner to Badass” program.

    This led me to the Earth Day event, Camp BKB. Where I got this amazing shirt:

    save the

    t-shirt photographed by my sister in our tent

  2. Feet!

    Seriously, one of the best things about the warming weather is giving your toes a chance to breathe! I am eyeing these for the business in the front and these for the party in the back.

  3. Bright (healthy) skin

    When I was at Camp BKB ringing in Earth Day, they had representatives from LUSH giving complimentary facials. After being slathered in mango and having my face massaged with a warm towel, I was given a card with a description of my treatment. I had The Sacred Truth mask, which must be purchased at the store so that it remains chilled. Made with fresh mango, this mask has a short shelf life but is soooo worth it! My specialist cleaned that up with the Eau Roma Water as a toner. Finally, and this was a game changer, she used this Vanishing Cream, because I said I wanted more even color and texture on my skin. This was amazing! For the next two days, my face was baby-smooth and an even color all across. I was floored. Now that I am browsing this purchase, I’m swallowing hard at the price but sucking it up because I know the results.