Weekend Bliss

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Weekends are for sunshine and iced coffee, days spent disappearing deep into a book or walking until the sun burns your skin. I am lingering at a coffee shop near a college campus in a small, small town and I have been reading a novel for 2 or maybe 3 hours; I am very content.

A college campus in the summer is so blissful. Everyone is curious and learning and making friends with the other lone souls who chose work or learning over their hometowns. In college, there is a lot of help with money- from guardians or big banks. The summers are allowed to be blissful and unstructured because the bills will get paid and everything moves slower here, over the summer.

I am considering options to continue my education, but I know that it will be different than my first 4 (and a half) years. This time, I have financial obligations and responsibilities, and extra time and classes and failures will be on my bill. The summer may not be time off- rather, time on- spent working. Maybe these lazy summers are not just found near college campuses, but it is hard to imagine such a slow pace at a place of year-round full time work. It is different, even, as a public school teacher, because the summer won’t fade into friends coming back from home and hours spent with my mind opening to new ideas. It feels like┬áthe summer will come gradually, but will end with a grinding, abrasive halt. Returning to the anger and apathy of adolescence.

Yikes. Until my summer is really truly here, I will accept a slow and sunny weekend spent with a cookie and a good book, pretending it is already summer.