Birthday Brunch

Yesterday I went out to brunch as an early birthday celebration. Here is where we went and what we ate!

2017-05-22 02.23.50 1.jpg

We had THE BIGGEST BRUNCH at The Hash House. It was warm enough to sit on the patio and sip iced coffee!

2017-05-22 02.23.47 1.jpg

Then we went to the 3 Arts Gallery, which is a Restoration Hardware in a unique architectural space. We put our name in for the 2 hour wait for a table under the sparkly chandelier, and browsed the store (testing all the leather couches) until a seat opened up! Check out that chandelier behind the espresso and salted caramel ice cream!

2017-05-22 02.23.45 1.jpg

A special bonus: we went shopping and browsing afterwards, and Madewell gave me a $25 gift card! Sign up with them as a Madewell insider to get a special birthday present!

Huevos at Home


I had never even noticed Huevos Rancheros on the menu before I lived in the Southwest. Now when I get a craving for it, I can whip up a fresh plate that beats any mild version served in the Midwest.

For a knock-out brunch in 5 minutes:

1 egg

1 corn tortilla

Sharp cheddar

Black beans

Green Chile


Fry the egg to your liking and whike it is still in the pan, top the egg with shaved cheddar and let melt while softening the corn tortilla on the same skillet. Plate the warmed tortilla and too with green chile and black beans. Put the egg on top, it will heat the ingredients underneath. Zig-zag with as much sirache as you can stand, and have cold water and hot coffee nearby.