Will You Wear “Dad Clothes” this summer?

I don’t know if this is just 90s norm-core trend, or if my parents just know timeless classics when they see them, but I have been seeing EXACT replicas of clothes and accessories my parents wore in my childhood… and STILL use!

Exhibit A: Dad’s beach shirt
25 years ago, this shirt served as a light options for special occasions in warm summer months. Today, it is the single-button beach shirt.


See also: Grey stripe

Exhibit B: Mom’s fanny pack

Before and after the short period where I found fanny packs weird and uncool, I loved m mom’s primary color-block fanny back. The main body of the bag was royal blue, with a multi-functional red pocket topped by a purposeful yellow zippered stash. On our trips to the local theme park, Holiday World, you could usually find an instant camera, a tube of sunscreen, and a visor! The fanny pack hangs in the same spot by the door, but now I feel that my sister or I may be more apt to wear it than my mother!


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Exhibit C: Mom and brother’s matching denim baseball hat

Soccer games in May. Freezy–pops and hot dogs, and my 4-year old brother matching mom in a pair of identical denim baseball hats, topping their identical blonde heads. They both still wear these hats! I’m thinking we should expand to a family set, now that 90’s norm-core is here to stay.


See also: This cap

Exhibit D: Sisters in jelly sandals

I feel like my sister and I wore these gems to church and the pool, because they were squishy and sparkly so you could basically wear them anywhere? In 20 years, that fact hasn’t changed. Sneak these to a meeting or rock them on the beach.


See also: Rainbow/ USA

Exhibit E: The scrunchie

I definitely wore a dark red scrunchie every day of 5th grade. I like this metallic number!


See also: This rainbow pack

Inside the Bag: At the Gym!

What's in a bag.png

I am partaking in the Brooklyn Boulders “Beginner to Badass” program (read about my badass climbing sister here) and for the first time in my life I have to pack for the gym before I leave for work!

Here is what I am bringing to the climbing gym (where I also take yoga classes and catch up on work at the co-op space).

  1. My daypack, which is super compact and folds into itself. It has a space for devices (I keep my shoes here, in a Tom’s bag), and I tuck my keys and snacks in the front little zipper pocket.
  2. A glossier bag with deodorant, a hair tie, castile soap, and lotion for chalky hands dried out by climbing.
  3. My glow-in-the-dark Nalgene from Ball State University’s Outdoor Pursuits!
  4. A good read for while I wait for my climbing buddy!
  5. Allbirds are the shoe I change into for running or just walking around the gym (climbing shoes are not comfortable to walk in!) I also need funky socks to climb in.
  6. Snacks! Bananas and Clif bars for sure.
  7. Comfortable clothes! I always wear a comfortable t-shirt, sports bra, and shorts. A bandana is nice for crazy hair and sweaty foreheads. It is also a great back-up wash cloth.

Not pictured are the shoes, harness, chalk, rope, and carabiner provided by the climbing gym.

Do you have any essentials that I didn’t include? What do you take to the gym?