In the City

In the city you can get away with

If you need to
Lie down
In the city, it’s okay; go ahead.

“Hey asshole, it’s an emergency!”
“I can’t see past the construction. Does she need help?”
“Where are the police?”
They bond by uniting against the jerk in a hurry

Because you’re in the city, we move fast enough, already.
What could be more urgent than being in the city? You’re here.
Slow down already.


Happy Accidents

Sometimes known as luck.

Have you every had a happy accident? Maybe you made a small life change for convenience and later could accredit dramatic changes in your life to that one small change.

I have one. I decided to start having overnight oatmeal, for convenience. My sister convinced me to eliminate added sugar altogether and just top it with fruit.

I make 5 containers on Sunday night, using repurposed Talenti gelato jars. I scoop 1/2 cup of raw oats into the container, top it with strawberries and banana, and then pour enough milk to submerge the oats and fruit. No sugar, just oats, non-fat milk, and fruit.

I did all of that on purpose, but accidentally lost 7 pounds… without working out or dieting, literally just cutting out morning sugar.

What a happy accident! It is a visible weight loss, too. I have been receiving compliments from friends and coworkers.

Surprise weight loss is small happy accident. What stories do you have? Tried on an old pair of jeans and found $20 in the pocket? Accidentally ran into an former peer and fell in love? I would love to hear your stories!