Every Movie I Watched this Summer

Here is a list, in no particular order (other than the order I remembered them) of all the movies I watched this summer. Some were rented, some were at the theatre, some were my suggestion, some weren’t!

40 Year Old Virgin
I know. How did I make it this long without seeing this?

Get Out
If you haven’t seen this yet, do it.

Westworld (the original movie!)
This was SO GOOD. We especially enjoyed it because we had watched the new Westworld series. It was very cool to see the original plot, and the concepts of future technology as predicted in 1973!

Planet of the Apes
My siblings and I watched the old Plant of the Apes movie a lot. I don’t really know why… I think it was the only kid-friendly live-action movie we owned? Anyway, we really like it. This surprisingly made me cry… more than once. I really felt for the apes.

Witches of Eastwick
So good and way way raunchy! We loved Cher’s original nose, the bawdy humor, and of course, the magic. Expect to see this again on the Halloween watchlist.

Entire Jurassic Park Series
How are these 90’s films so much more female-friendly than the 2015 Jurassic World? It is so great to see women represented as strong, leading scientists and researchers. I wish we saw more of that.

The Circle
There were a lot of big names for such a bad movie. Emma, Tom: this is the only time you’ve ever let me down.

A Wrinkle in Time
You know how you watch movies with your parents when you are little, and drift in and out of them? My memory has distorted and spliced these films, and I remembered A Wrinkle in Time a little bit wrong. We still enjoyed it! Kind of 1984ish for children. Plus alternate time dimensions.

Wonder Woman
Strong women in lead roles inspiring strong girls everywhere. I loved it.

American Hustle
This is very well made. It is artsy and realistic, not like it reminds you of real life, but you could imagine it as it would happen in real life.



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