Eclipse Experiences in 5 Regions

20934215_1082763131859241_8233165566228508705_o.jpgMy sister, Kendra, took this photo through a telescope lenses in Muncie, Indiana.


15351.jpegThis photo was taken by my friend Sara’s Dad at a farm in Shawnee, Illinois.


Director of the New Harmony Music Festival, Christopher, took these photos of the eclipse projections in his backyard in New Harmony, Indiana.


20914753_10157532092638647_2388459190941288514_n.jpgMax, scholar and philosopher, was standing on a hill in West Nashville, Tennessee when he experienced the totality. Here is his account:

“This was three minutes prior to totality. Everything had a very surreal silvery-blue sheen, sort of as if you were wearing a certain hue of sunglasses but the SUN IS DISAPPEARING. Minutes later, totality hit. The borders of the sky had a late sunset glow, the hills were washed in darkness, and in the center of it all was this floating ring of light. Deeply strange, totally rad, psychically shattering. No amount of scientific knowledge prepares you for the sense of actually being there.”


Rikky was working at the veterinary clinic in Moab, Utah when the eclipse happened. With ingenuity and questionable visual safety, she viewed the 84% eclipse through old x-rays, which she took these photographs through.

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