Monday Reflections and Intentions

Hey all! I am currently making the rapid turnaround from an amazing outdoor adventure in Canada to a fast few days metro-NYC. This means washing all of my grubby hiking clothes and packing my best city-wear.  I will share many, many photos of Canada here soon. In the meantime, here is what I’ve been doing and will do.

-Backpacked in Banf with my brother and sister. Experienced Alpine Spring and hike to a teahouse in the mountains between two lakes.
-Visited hot springs and more lakes with my whole family.
-Went for an 11 mile bike ride in Chicago. Had THE BEST time.
-Ran all over downtown with my sister just for fun. Bought theses earrings!

-Rent a bike in NYC
-Learn this song
-Pay all of my bills !!!
-Share photos of my trip to Canada



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