Thank You for Your Continued Support!

WOW I am so amazed with how quickly this blog has taken off. Thank you for continuing to support my content. I had no idea how much fun this would be, and I really had no idea how much I would learn. We are approaching the end of the 5th month of The Wonder Of, and I wanted to share a few favorite posts so far.

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Tripstagram: The Grand Canyon
Camping 101
The Case for Visiting the Southwest
Clever Beach Hack

Money Minds and Summer Savings
Weird Savings Strategy
Spring Break Planning: The Wild West!
I Started a Patreon!

Nature Week Book Club!
Dystopian Novels that Warned You this Was Coming
The Most Relevant Book
Summer Re-Reads

I Was Invited to a Secret Concert
What You Need to Know about ‘Hamilton’
Pay Attention to these Musicians this Summer
Chicago Jazz String Summit

Wonderful Ways to Eat Your Greens
Green Chile Green Chili
Huevos at Home
Cold Remedy or Summer Treat?

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