Hiking with Kendra: Best Shoes for Hiking and an Innovative Use for a Bungee Cord

The one thing you can’t go hiking without: Chacos, they’re great for a light hike or for crossing through streams. They are my go-to shoe for everything.


A mistake you learned from on the trail: Don’t wait to go to the bathroom.

The surprising thing that saved you from a bad day: Once I used a bungee cord for a belt.

Best song to keep the bears away: Just singing “No bears, no bears no bears no bears.”


Favorite food for car camping: Build your own burritos bar

Favorite food on the trail: Clif bars

Most important planning detail: A minimalist mindset- pack light, but pack the essentials.

What is your signature move on the trail? Stopping to take pictures every two seconds because I am so amazed at every turn.


First memory of camping: I remember breakfast more than the actual sleeping part. Mom making eggs and bacon over the campfire.

What to do after camp is set up: Go for a sunset hike.


Top Three Best Trips:
1. Glacier National Park
2. Going out west for work as a trip leader
3. Went rafting in New River Gorge in West Virginia, also for work


Most wow moment on the trail: Waking up at Arrow Lake in Montana, and seeing the sun rise over the lake.

Best book about outdoors: How to Shit in the Woods

Best book to read outdoors: The Hobbit.” It’s pocket sized!


What do you enjoy about hiking? The view. Being outside.

Why do you hike? To explore places you can only get to on foot.

What’s the most developed trail you’ve ever walked that’s still difficult?  The steps leading up to Red Rock Amphitheater. Or really, any hill.


Question I should have asked: How do you choose a trail?

Your answer to that question: I look at the mileage, water sources along the way, and experience of others on the hike.


3 thoughts on “Hiking with Kendra: Best Shoes for Hiking and an Innovative Use for a Bungee Cord

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