Hiking with Thor: Advice from my Brother on Finding Food and the Best Views Ever

The one thing you can’t go hiking without: My Nalgene.

A mistake you learned from on the trail: Bring enough water, don’t go on a long hike on an empty stomach. I once- this was more of a suburban walk than a hike- I went on an 11 mile walk with no water and no food, and I was eating wild greens on the way back. So bring food and water.


The surprising thing that saved you from a bad day: I accidentally forgot to put on my Tevas, and wore sneakers instead to a hike to Sperry Glacier, and the last mile or two was all through snow banks. If I had worn sandals, I would have been hurting, so the tennis shoes came in handy.

Best song to keep the bears away: 

Favorite food for car camping: Thor-bread: Mix one box of Jiffy cornbread mix with 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 carton of sour cream. Baked in dutch oven.

Favorite food on the trail: Rice pudding or canned fish


Most important planning detail: Coordinate arrival times “We were hiking with friends, three of us went in one car and the other guy was meeting us. He thought we were hiking at 8:30, but we were meeting at 8:30. We got there while he was there, but he was already on the trail, and when we got off the trail he had already left.”


What is your signature move on the trail? Foraging for food, and hiking quickly ahead of the group

First memory of camping: Camping at our dad’s property (82 acres of trees) in the pines trees.

What to do after camp is set up: Explore the area, walk around and see what trails are around


Best trip yet: Baxter State Park in Maine, Mount Katahdin

Most wow moment on the trail: Turning around while hiking Mount Katahdin and seeing the valleys below, and seeing the nearby mountains. “When we got up to the top, it seemed like we were on the tallest mountain in the park.”

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Best book about outdoors: Mushi-shi



Best book to read outdoors: The Children of Húrin by J.R.R. Tolkein

Question I should have asked: What’s the most developed trail you’ve ever walked that’s still difficult?

Your answer to that question: A hill outside of Heidelburg, Germany, that was all stairs and switchbacks.

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What do you enjoy about hiking? Walking is a fun motion to do. It is one of the most fun exercises there is. I’m always rubbernecking when hiking.

Why do you hike? Seeing a lot of stuff, and just getting to go look around at the world, I guess. Like, a scenic hike is great, and it’s also a fulfilling form of transportation, you feel like you moved yourself, instead of being moved by petrol-chemicals.


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