Monday Reflections and Intentions


-Donated to Gastropod through Patreon! And then I started MY OWN Patreon! Support the blog here!

-Not all reflections need to be positives. I partied too hard 😦  See the hangover cures found here.

-But I had an amazing time with people I love at the New Harmony Music Festival. And streamed my first Concert Window event!



-Keep posting on the blog each day during this busy week. Share music with you!
**most days, anyway. And I got that Hamilton post up!

-Reconnect with old friends I haven’t spent time with in years

-Stay extremely active (like, walk through the labyrinth pictured above) and eat right in order to counter the late nights I will surely be having

Again, see the hangover post.


Last week: Monday Reflections and Intentions


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