Pride Prep

I know that half of us just celebrated Pride, but for some of us we have another week or two! I will be attending the Pride Parade in San Francisco, and I am invigorated by the bright rainbows popping up around me.


Rainbow twins made me chuckle. An inflammatory rainbow tee is always a good choice for parades, parties, or rallies.


A friend who isn’t attending SF Pride was very sweet and made all of us pride friendship bracelets! If you don’t have a friend who can magic up knotted jewelry in ten minutes, then you should definitely check out Tattly’s arm bands!


One member of our group will be rocking these Chucks with a secret kick.

Taylor Bennett, a Chicago local, partnered with Urban Outfitters for a old school meets millennial pride collection. Oh yeah, Taylor’s brother? Chance the Rapper.


Are you hosting a party after, or BYO to the festivities? Use these glam rainbow cups! Add some Crazy Straws, because you can.

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