Action for Climate Change is On YOU

I am not interested in debating the semantics and politics surrounding climate change, but I am interested in keeping our planet clean. If you have ever hiked at a major park or taken part in beachside clean-up, then you know that there is plastic in the ocean and plastic in the trees and plastic everywhere. It seems that as a nation we are not going to be taking immediate action towards addressing climate change anytime soon… what can we do, as individuals, to decrease our carbon footprint?

      1. BYOB- Bring your own bag. Chicago just rolled out a $.07 bag tax that has motivated many to start carrying their own. I LOVE these baggus. 41b8bKoSbsL._SL250_
      2. My sister took part in a beach clean-up along Lake Michigan last year, and since then I have not been allowed to use disposable straws. Do we event need straws? SOMETIMES a smoothie or iced coffee really is best sipped through a straw. Get a set of reusable straws and always keep one in your purse so you are ready at the coffee shop. Don’t let this happen.2015-06-06-07-16-40
      3. This shower timer has been a bit of a morning-routine/water bill game changer for me. It runs for 5 minutes before it needs to be flipped, which means if you want a 10 minute shower, you know to flip it once. Otherwise, that 5-10 minute shower easily turns into 15-30 minutes… and now you’re late for work, and you wasted 2 gallons of water for every minute spent in the shower. Two gallons of water is more than you are drinking in a day, and could save an entire family from dehydration. Time your showers!41GI1cbBLXL._SL250_

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