Force of Nature

REI has launched this great “Force of Nature” campaign, and as a company they have taken specific action to increase equality in experience and opportunity for women to be active outdoors. A direct quote about the quality of women’s gear: “We don’t just “shrink and pink” our clothing.” One of the important elements of this company policy is that they will have as many options for women as they do men- be it unisex options, or gear designed for women’s bodies, women will have the same variety and quality available to them as do men.

These things may seem small, but having access to resources is a major step towards equality in any context, and it is a move I stand behind. I feel a little better about all the money I spent at REI for my recent trip knowing that they are promoting equality outdoors. Read more about their “Force of Nature” project here.

One thought on “Force of Nature

  1. I really like this campaign because there is diversity and strength in it. And I like the active part “they get harder to hear the further out we go”. Not that I appreciate people telling women what they should do, but I also like not to feel as I would wait on them to stop, as I would be a victim of the circumstances, but being able to act.

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