DIY Jungle Leaf Garland

2017-05-15 07.43.09 1.jpg

Materials Needed:

-Thick, green paper in various shades
-A large needle, like an upholstery needle


  1. Carefully cut out a leaf shape of your choice. To use my hand drawn stencil, go here.
  2.  Lay out leaves in alternating pattern or same direction (whatever looks best to you) and measure your length of twine. Mine was 10 ft. with 8 leaves.
  3. Thread the twine through the needle and tie a knot where you want your first leaf to be. Poke the needle through, sew one stitch by poking it through the opposite side, and tie a knot to hold the leaf in place.
  4. Repeat until all leaves are in the desired place. If needed, you can untie knots to reposition a leaf.
  5. Hang your garland in your fabulous jungalow!


No time to make your own? Order a hand cut garland from me here.

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