Two Airy Bedroom Updates

My apartment still needs a bed frame. I love this Floyd bed, but yikes $600 for a bed frame? Instead I am going to buy this framework kit for less than half the price and source the lumber from my Dad and Grandfather. In addition to saving money, my new furniture will have a personal touch, being grown and shaped by my paternal people, my patrons, if it the term may be interpreted as matrons is.


How about this mosquito net that looks so ragged and dreamy at the same time? It seems like a pretty canopy at a glance, but serves as a defense against Zika and other blood-born viruses. I came to appreciate the drapey purpose of a mosquito net in Jamaica, after many preparatory vaccinations and before any insect bites. There is a sense of security tucked underneath a mosquito net when it is too hot to shut the windows or crawl under a sheet, and you can hear nature wide awake all around you. Basically, I want to feel like I am roughing it at all times, even in the comfort of my urban dwelling.


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