Beginner to Badass

As I shared before, I am partaking in the “Beginner to Badass” program at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago. I am a novice climber, falling off the easiest routes and burning my muscles out after 15 minutes. However clumsy my movements may be, I am gaining strength and technical skill. This week I “leveled up” a couple of times (I know, this isn’t how a real climber would describe it!) and I will soon be belay certified at the wall, meaning I will be engaging with other climbers, and won’t be limited to using the auto-belays alone.

If beginner to badass (in anything) is a sort of sliding scale, right now I am marginally closer to badass than I was a week ago.

This week, I am stronger.
This week, I am present.
This week, I am confident.

But I’m still a beginner!

I am still afraid (of falling, my arms getting out, injuring myself.)
I am still unsure.
I am still nervous (but nervous with some confidence)!

I have been running for years, but when I go through these qualifiers, I realize that I feel like I am still on the beginner side. Oh well! These are hobbies that I enjoy and bring positive value to my life, they are not skills that necessitate mastery.

How are you more of a badass today than you were a week (or month or decade) ago?

4 thoughts on “Beginner to Badass

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