Spring Break: Day 3

The Spring Break series has been pre-written and is an anticipation of what I should be doing right now!

Good morning!

6 a.m.: We are awake making breakfast and packing our gear in order to be at the permit office by 8. Hopefully our number is not extremely high and we get a permit today. If not, our hike will not start tomorrow as anticipated.

9 a.m.: I hope we have a permit! If not, we have a higher number to try again tomorrow.

10 a.m.: Time to pick another day hike or excursion. We could even take a day trip nearby, if we wanted, because we have a campsite reserved for tonight and a number for our line tomorrow.


4-6 p.m.: Move our car and set up camp at our reserved site for the night (and take a shower here! Perhaps our last…) We will make dinner, fill our water vessels, and sort our belongings to decide what we really need in our pack. Unless we are still waiting for a permit tomorrow.

8 p.m.: Harmonica, cards, reading, singing, star-gazing, etc.


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