Spring Break: Day 2

The Spring Break series has been pre-written and is an anticipation of what I should be doing right now!

Last night we camped in the Kaibab National Forest.

5 a.m.: Hopefully we didn’t stay up too late! We will wake up and heat water for hot granola and coffee. After that we will pack up all of our gear and hike back to our car.

6 a.m.: Drop our things off at our car and head to the information office, which opens at 8. We are waiting for a number for tomorrow’s queue.

9 a.m.: By this time we may have gotten our number for tomorrow. We are free to choose how to spend our day! We may do a day hike, such as part of the rim to rim hike. Or…

12 p.m.: We stick around for lunch, fix our packs up, and leave for an evening/ night hike.

If we do a night hike, these are the views that await us:


Amazing, right???

Maybe we will be insane and hike north during daylight, take a break, and hike south at night. Am I 100% crazy???

Or we will camp at large in the Kaibab National Forest again, after an easy day hike.

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