World Wellness

In an effort to hold myself accountable to pull my weight and impart meaningful change, I am checking in with some ideas about doing good.

Have you heard about the humanitarian crisis happening in South Sudan? Hundreds of people are dying of starvation each day due to a famine caused by civil war. The photos and numbers are jarring. The World Food Programme has been dropping packages of grain in an effort to fight the hunger, but there are other ways to help. BBC compiled a list of ways to help during this crisis. I am pledging to make a donation to one of these organizations before the day is out.


You don’t have to spend money to improve the world. Cheerios is giving away wildflower seeds in an effort to #BringBackTheBees. As a lover of the little buzzy insects passionate about saving the bees and improving our natural environment, I am all about this. It is totally free! Bonus, planting flowers will bring you and your community as much joy as it brings health to our bees.



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