Support the Environment and Thousands of Workers

Support the environment and thousands of worker… bees.

We need bees to survive, but we are not doing a very good job of investing in these dying species. In an effort to support beekeepers and their colonies, I have started using beeswax products. Here are the two major changes I have made in an effort to be more environmentally conscious and to support beekeepers.

First, nix the saran wrap and use the honey-scented Bee’s Wrap instead. I switched at the beginning of the year and I will never go back. Never!

Second, switch to beeswax candles! I bought myself two very expensive “Boy Smells” candles a while ago and was disappointed to find them extremely smokey and as a result… pretty stinky. Today, I lit this one pound bees wax candle and it lightly filled the air with a clean and fresh honey-like scent. Bonus points for the seller encouraging us to reuse and wax by building our own candle from the scraps! butterbeanstudios_beeswaxcandle_2_large

The rustic appeal and economical price of the candle above has me sold, but this one is on the wish list for its pretty design.


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