Reflections on International Women’s Day

Or as I like to call it… Intergalactic Women’s Day!

When I was looking for these images, I found these awesome articles about feminism related to Agent Dana Scully and Captain Kathryn Janeway, which is not why I came here.

What I really came here to ask was… how was your day?

Women, did you take off work? Celebrate? Protest? Do nothing because every day should be women’s day? Men, did many women take off or represent in other ways at your workplace today? Did you not notice anything new?

Maybe you fall into my category: teachers at my school do not receive personal days during testing. And we are currently testing.

I overheard a male colleague joking with other men about how we would be in trouble if teachers were allowed/inclined to take off in protest today, because our school employs 90% women. In a national survey of the 2011-2012 school year, “76 percent of public school teachers were female.”

I also wonder about self-employed individuals, or people in the tech-industry. What did today look like for you? The only difference in my day was in the solidarity shown from friends on social media. The school did not mention that it was women’s day, and teachers were not allowed to take off. I missed any strikes or protests happening… because I was working.

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