Healthy Means…

Healthy Means Happy. 

Healthy does not mean thin. Healthy does mean free. 

Healthy means that I won’t be out of breath after I climb the 5 flights of stairs ahead of us. 

Healthy means that I can bike to class, and I can make time for me, whatever that time needs to be. 

Today, I made that time for running. 

I have a problem. When I am stressed and overwhelmed, I bake. And I eat. And that’s not a problem, if you also exercise when you are stressed and overwhelmed. But I just bake. And eat. 

Usually when I bake, I save a few tidbits and take the bulk of my creations to the next jazz band rehearsal. Brilliant! The guys wolf them down, and the treats aren’t sitting around tempting me anymore!

It’s finals week. Rehearsals are over, and these little devils are sitting around tempting me so.

I don’t own a scale, but I had a health evaluation done on Wednesday. Celebration! I’m actually 5’4.5″ not 5’3″ ! (I’ve just assumed that I was 5’3″ for years) Not a celebration: I weigh 189.4 lbs, which puts my BMI at 31.5 or .9 or something. Which means I am obese, according to that scale.

But I don’t feel obese. I can keep up with all of my friends, I can outlast most any of them on a long hike or days of travel. What does obese mean? Why am I less healthy? I exclusively use olive oil and coconut oil; I snack on organic cheese puffs and strawberries! But I’m a little bigger. 

Anyway. The semester is over, so I can begin to realign myself. I started today with a whopping 3mph run (so 1.5 miles in 30 minutes) with the Couch to 5k app. But I feel better knowing that I am going to feel better. So maybe I will have one of those tiny strawberry cream scones with my breakfast of tea and grapefruit.
Because I am happy, today, and that feels healthy.  


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